Episode 29: Preparing for and Handling A Major Health Crisis

Megan Spears, CPO

On this episode, we are joined by Megan Spears, CPO of Disorder2Order and she is here to talk about the somewhat difficult topic of staying organized during a major health crisis. This is such an important discussion and Megan has a wealth of professional expertise and personal experience to share with us. Her husband was […]

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Episode 28: The Coaching Perspective and The Client Perspective

Laurie Malloy

Welcome back to Stand Out the Podcast Series presented by NAPO! On this episode, we welcome Laurie Malloy, owner of Simple Spaces. She’s not only a professional organizer, relocation specialist, and home stager but she’s also an associate certified coach and provides coaching services to her clients both one-on-one and via group coaching. In our discussion […]

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Episode 27: Finding Your Real Strengths

Welcome back to the NAPO Podcast! We are welcoming Sandy A. Lane to the show to talk to us about strengths coaching and maximizing your potential. She has a host of helpful tips and tricks to help you get started on your journey of growth! Sandy is a seasoned leader with a huge amount of […]

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Episode 24: Problem Solving Straight to the Bank – with Jan Lehman

Sometimes skills are invisible to their owners. It takes someone saying to us, “Wow! You’re really good at that,” before we realize that not everyone can do what we can do. In this episode of Stand Out: Growing Your Organizing and Productivity Business, host Sarah Karakaian talks with Jan Lehman. Jan found out early in […]

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Episode 23: Getting Paid as a Speaker

Every day, we are gaining more expertise as organizers and productivity specialists. And we would not be in this business if we didn’t have a passion for it. Well, that’s all you need to add a whole new revenue stream into your business! That’s right, you could become a paid public speaker. That idea might […]

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Episode 22: Aligning Your Time and Your Priorities - with Amy Tokos

Time is one of those resources that you can’t get back once you use it. Helping our clients with productivity is great, but what about our own productivity? Running a business can feel like running in circles sometimes. On our 22nd episode of Stand Out: Growing Your Organizing and Productivity Business, host Sarah Karakaian talks […]

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