September 9, 2018

Allison Task

Episode 17: Believe it and Make it True – with Allison Task

Do you ever feel like your life has been something of a crooked path? It is safe to say we have all been there. My guest is very familiar with curves in the road, and she has learned how to navigate them well. Her latest life turn is as a career and life coach.

In this episode, my guest Allison Task and I discuss the power of believing that dreams can come true. Allison has made a career out of guiding people through their thought processes and into the answers they already know. She likes to say, “You have answers, I have questions.” Those questions have served her and her clients well.

Allison Task is a career and life coach who has helped hundreds of people transform their lives. By actively pursuing meaningful personal and career goals, Allison’s clients have changed careers, launched companies, retired early, moved their families across the country — and around the world.

Prior to coaching, Allison was an on-camera cooking host, cookbook author, and marketing executive. She was the host of Yahoo’s Blue Ribbon Hunter, Lifetime’s Cook Yourself Thin and TLC’s Home Made Simple.

Allison has a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University, a coaching certificate and Master’s Degree from New York University, and a culinary degree from the Institute of Culinary Education. Her latest book is Personal (R)evolution: How To Be Happy, Change Your Life, and Do That Thing You’ve Always Wanted To Do.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How working in a dreams-come-true environment can have a huge impact on your attitude and how you approach challenges and opportunity
  • Why asking a life coach about ROI is an important and legitimate question
  • How coaching is about helping people process what they already know
  • Why hiring different coaches for different decisions or challenges can be the smart move
  • How, why and when to break up with a coach
  • The difference between a life coach, a career coach, and a therapist
  • Why, if you are not at baseline mentally, you need a therapist before you need a coach
  • How life coaching looks beyond career, as important as career is, to satisfaction with your whole life

The Golden Nuggets

“I feel very fortunate to have spent my 20’s in the .com boom. I watched people make their dreams come true, and wherever I have been since, I have taken that dreams come true attitude with me.” – Allison Task Share on X “In that .com era, anything was possible. People kind of looked at us like we were crazy, but we really believed it and then we made it true. So that was a very important life experience.” – Allison Task Share on X “When I was teaching culinary skills one-on-one, I started to realize; the conversation was less about shallots and more about life. I was loving these conversations, but felt ill-equipped to help answer these questions.” - Allison Task Share on X “Getting a job at Martha Stewart was really hard, but I didn't care that it was hard. I cared that I needed it to do the things I wanted to do professionally.” – Allison Task Share on X “Being a life coach is about helping people build their confidence and be the person they want to be.” – Allison Task Share on X “There’s a real power in what you believe you can do.” – Allison Task Share on X “If you've been talking about making a change for a while and it hasn’t not happened, check in with a coach. If there's something really big and you're afraid of it, check in with coach.” – Allison Task Share on X “A coach is just a tool you can access when you need it.” – Allison Task Share on X “Good coaching means work happens between sessions. Your coaching session is a strategic session. It gets you moving, but the work happens between sessions.” – Allison Task Share on X