December 9, 2018

David Newman

Episode 23: Getting Paid as a Speaker

Every day, we are gaining more expertise as organizers and productivity specialists. And we would not be in this business if we didn’t have a passion for it. Well, that’s all you need to add a whole new revenue stream into your business! That’s right, you could become a paid public speaker. That idea might be a little scary for some of us, but it doesn’t have to be.

On this episode of Stand Out, Sarah talks with guest David Newman about tons of marketing tips, and then they get down to the business of public speaking; how to get started, what to charge, how to stay sharp as a speaker. So if the idea of adding thousands of dollars to your monthly revenue sounds interesting, check out this episode.

David Newman is the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition.

David works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as thought-leaders and generate MORE leads, BETTER prospects and BIGGER sales.

David’s background overlaps three key areas. First, David has worked inside organizations as the client; he has also worked as a speaker and consultant himself for Fortune 500 companies; and finally, he’s helped over 500 speakers, authors, consultants, and experts raise their game and deliver their highest value.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • The difference between lead generating and paid speaking
  • How to really hit your targets with the equation: price x quantity = total
  • Why you can’t let a client’s budget dictate your fee
  • The dynamic speaker compared with the magnetic speaker
  • The art of “one-to-many” prospecting
  • How to find speaking gigs
  • The key question that turns speaking into clients
  • How to price yourself as a professional speaker, not an amateur
  • How to make it simple for people to know that you are a speaker
  • Why participating in your Toastmasters chapter is like going to the gym

Golden Nuggets

“I was fascinated by marketing and sales, so I started to master it. I dropped everything else and started to focus 100% on marketing, sales, and business growth.” – David Newman Click To Tweet “You can't specialize in everything folks. You have to narrow it down. If you want to go deep, you have to go narrow.” – David Newman Click To Tweet “There is a myth that it is easier to get a $100 client than a $1,000 client. That is completely NOT true.” –David Newman Click To Tweet “Whether we do business or not, I want to help people. I want to serve my tribe, serve my audience, whether they ever pay me a dime or not.” – David Newman Click To Tweet “Serve people. Help people. And then when they have the need, they will come back to you. In fact, you will be the only organizer they come back to because you've given such good service to them before any money changed hands.” – David Newman Click To Tweet “When you find your ideal niche, just get marinated in that community so you can start speaking prospect language about prospect problems.” – David Newman Click To Tweet “It’s not the information people are paying for. It’s the transformation in your client’s lives that they are paying for.” Click To Tweet “There are two ingredients for being a successful public speaker: expertise in a subject matter, and enthusiasm about that subject matter. That’s it!” Click To Tweet “Everything that you need to be a successful speaker or a successful organizer who speaks is within you right now.” Click To Tweet “Don’t shortchange yourself. Price your speaking so you are priced out of the broke market and into the serious market.” Click To Tweet “Offer value. Invite engagement.” – David Newman Click To Tweet