March 7, 2019

Laurie Malloy

Episode 28: The Coaching Perspective and The Client Perspective

Laurie Malloy

Welcome back to Stand Out the Podcast Series presented by NAPO!

On this episode, we welcome Laurie Malloy, owner of Simple Spaces. She’s not only a professional organizer, relocation specialist, and home stager but she’s also an associate certified coach and provides coaching services to her clients both one-on-one and via group coaching. In our discussion we deep dive into group coaching and how it can benefit us as business owners, both from the coaching perspective and the client perspective.

Laurie takes her clients thoughts and ideas and turns them into manageable concrete steps, making their dreams and goals more attainable and providing the direction and accountability they need to find success. Her focused, organized, and simple methods have propelled her coaching clients into achieving their true potential.


Key takeaways:

  • Starting out with your pain point instead of your solution.
  • Understanding what group coaching is.
  • Balancing your schedule – not coaching when organizing.
  • The difference between coaching and organizing.
  • How to become an associate certified coach through the international coach federation.
  • Bringing value to your audience and varying your topics.
  • Knowing when to protect your time and when to invest your time.
  • The importance of having a truth teller in your life.
  • And much more!

Laurie will also be presenting at NAPO2019 Annual  Conference in Ft Worth, TX April 4-7, 2019. Her session: “Rise to the Top: Expand Your Confidence, Grow Your Mindset & Succeed as a Leader”.


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