March 4, 2020

Susan Bailey, Member Since 2012

Episode 54: Organizing and Severe Food Allergy Preparedness

Living as a celiac or sufferer from severe allergy-based food avoidance is burdensome, and being organized is an essential part of coping. In episode 54 of the NAPO Standout Podcast, we are joined by Susan Bailey. Susan is a certified AllerCoach. This means she helps allergy families manage by becoming more prepared and organized.

She is a lover of organization, a celiac herself, and also occupies a seat on the NAPO Chicago Board of Directors. From a productivity and organization perspective, Susan inhabits an incredibly interesting and necessary niche in the business. She speaks about her experiences as a celiac and how that feeds into the work she does as an AllerCoach.

Susan also explores the services she offers through her company, Cygnet Organizing, from recipe design to meal planning and kitchen compartmentalization, and also speaks about what it is like to occupy such a specific niche in the business. Living with a food allergy or with somebody who suffers from one doesn’t have to feel like a strange new world forever; be sure to tune in to this episode to find out how you can manage it like a pro!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Connections between being a celiac and living an organized life.
  • How Susan found NAPO and put her allergy issues to good use by starting Cygnet.
  • Whether niching down into food allergies has produced more or less business.
  • Time-saving solutions for preparing food for people with severe allergies.
  • Discovering the source of a food-caused allergy using the Whole 30 diet.
  • Tailored strategies to help allergy families organize their groceries and kitchens.
  • A service Susan frequently provides: food emergency plans.
  • Advice for using epinephrine auto-injectors: ‘epi first, epi fast.’
  • And much more!

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