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Episode 97: Closet Design Magic

“When you think about it, our day starts and it ends in our closet.” These are the words of today’s guest Naeemah Ford Goldson, who joins us as we delve into the world of closets! Naeemah is a NAPO member, the proud owner of Restore Order Professional Organizing, and the host of her own podcast […]

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Episode 96: Discover Your Organizing Style

After years of struggling with clutter, today’s guest realized something that would change her life forever; she didn’t organize in the traditional way. Cassandra Aarssen discovered that there are, in fact, four different organizing styles. Once she knew her style, Cassandra (or Cass, as she is affectionately known) was finally able to design a system […]

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Episode 95: Organizing Industry Trends in 2022

In Episode 95, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews Dorothy Breininger, Founder of Dorothy The Organizer, LLC. Dorothy joins us on the show to talk about this wonderful journey that she has been on, what got her started, and her thoughts on the current landscape of organizing. She has some truly inspiring messages for […]

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Episode 94: Unmute - Painless Virtual Communication

The past two years have reshaped the way we communicate with each other, and today we’re going to be tackling the hyper-relevant topic of Zoom Doom! Our principal point of connection these days is through a screen and many of us are simply exhausted by it. The phenomenon of virtual communication isn’t going anywhere anytime […]

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Episode 92: Intuition - Tapping Into Your Inner Guide

We’ve all heard the phrase “Just go with your gut.” But this is often easier said than done. So what exactly is intuition, and how we can make the right decision as entrepreneurs or in our personal life using this subconscious phenomenon? In Episode 92, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews Intuition Expert […]

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Episode 91: NAPO Conference 2022

Here at NAPO we are all incredibly excited because it is nearly time for our upcoming conference. This will be our first in-person conference in three years and it is happening from the 27th to the 30th of April at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. This will also the second NAPO conference organized by our […]

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Episode 90: Decoding Greatness

In Episode 90, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews Ron Friedman, social psychologist, former academic, speaker, and author. Ron joins us to share wisdom from his latest book, Decoding Greatness, where he draws on his research into pattern recognition, skills acquisition, and creative genius, to discuss insights about high-performing athletes, musicians, chefs, and […]

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Episode 89: How NAPO Can Help You Build a Better Business

December marks the start of a very important event in NAPO’s calendar: Go Month. In Episode 89, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews NAPO President, Amy Tokos, CPO. Along with being a certified professional organizer, she is the owner of Freshly Organized and a productivity expert whose work has been featured in major publications. […]

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Episode 88: Building a Right-Sized Productivity Business

In Episode 88, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews Productivity Consultant and Founder of Simply Placed, Debbie Rosemont to speak about her journey as a business owner, the important transitions she has made, and why adjusting your company to suit your needs and goals can be one of the most powerful tools for […]

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