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Our host interviews business experts and successful professionals in the productivity and organizing world, focusing on a variety of helpful topics.

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Episode 63: Highlighting Diversity in Small Business

Being an industry leader means tackling current events and embracing inclusivity and diversity within our profession. But it’s difficult to know what this means and what change should look like. To answer these questions, we’ve brought in three movers and shakers for a discussion on diversity. In episode 63 of the NAPO Stand Out Podcast, […]

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Episode 62: Working on Your Business Productivity

Episode 62 with Nathan Austin “Working on Your Business Productivity “ As organizers and productivity specialists, it can be hard to admit when we need help because our job is centered around serving others. However, it’s vital to get advice, particularly from outside the industry. In episode 62 of the NAPO Standout Podcast, we are […]

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Episode 61: Using Your Intuition

Do you trust your gut? I mean, do you really listen to it and follow your intuition? Or, do you second guess yourself and sometimes make things harder for yourself than they need to be? How do we tap into the gut feeling more to help us make better decisions in life, and relationships, and […]

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Episode 60: Growing a Successful Organizing Team

Growing any business can be a daunting task and the organizing industry is no different! We have found that the fear that stands in way of business owners, is possibly even greater in the self-run companies that you are likely to find in our field. In episode 60 of the NAPO Standout Podcast, we are […]

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Episode 59: The Value of Mastermind Groups

Most of us have probably heard of mastermind groups, but only some of us have had the benefits of experiencing them first-hand. In episode 59 of the NAPO Standout Podcast, we are joined by masterminds expert, Aaron Walker. Aaron is a vastly successful entrepreneur and someone who attributes a lot of his success to the […]

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Episode 58: Becoming More Known, Liked, and Trusted

The words, ‘know,’ ‘like,’ and ‘trust,’ are so important when working in the organizing and productivity realm. How can professional organizers get potential clients to feel these three things about them before they have even met them, let alone hired them? With so much noise out there, how can we be heard by potential clients? […]

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Episode 57: Remaining Consistent and Maintaining Extreme Focus

As we find ourselves in an uncertain and unknown climate, businesses are having to rethink how they operate and move forward. This clearly applies to the organizing industry too and in episode 57 of the NAPO Standout Podcast, we are joined by Mark LeBlanc to talk about how your business can not only survive the […]

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Episode 56: The Top Three Things that Make You Memorable on LinkedIn

How’s your LinkedIn profile looking these days? How about your LinkedIn company page? Do you know the difference between the two and why it’s essential to have both? If your LinkedIn profile has been gathering dust, do not stress! In episode 56 of the NAPO Standout Podcast, we are joined by a LinkedIn expert, Carol […]

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Episode 55: Coronavirus and Becoming a Virtual Organizing Coach

The onslaught of coronavirus has affected businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world, with professional organizers being no exception. In this episode, we get a chance to speak with Kathy Vines, a brilliant mind in the organizing space who has been ahead of the curve as far as offering virtual consultations for some time already. […]

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Episode 54: Organizing and Severe Food Allergy Preparedness

Living as a celiac or sufferer from severe allergy-based food avoidance is burdensome, and being organized is an essential part of coping. In episode 54 of the NAPO Standout Podcast, we are joined by Susan Bailey. Susan is a certified AllerCoach. This means she helps allergy families manage by becoming more prepared and organized. She […]

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