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Episode 70: Helping Parents Make Time to Parent

As we spend more time indoors, our spaces are under more pressure than ever, and while modern parents are more likely to spend time with their kids, we still feel guilty about how well we support our children. In Episode 70, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews Organizing and Time Management Expert and […]

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Episode 69: Preparing Clients for the Unknown

As organizers and productivity professionals, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients prepare for inevitable challenges. But how can we best go about it, and what are some of the key challenges? In Episode 69, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews Professional Organizer and NAPO member, Lisa Witzleben. Lisa  has a background […]

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Episode 68: Self-Reliance for the Entrepreneur

In Episode 68, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews Author, Speaker and Marketing Consulting Expert, John Jantsch. Of course John has endless wisdom to offer on marketing, but listeners will get an in depth look into his latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur in this episode. This new guide offers overworked and harried entrepreneurs […]

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Episode 67: Virtual Body Language

As work-from-home has become the new normal, we’ve replaced in-person talking with online meetings, often resulting in unenergetic presentations and garbled messaging. In Episode 67, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews Body Language Expert, Alison Henderson about proven strategies that will improve how you communicate online. After exploring changes to how we communicate, […]

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Episode 66: Silence Your Inner Critic to Boost Your Creativity

Do you hear a voice inside your head, telling you that you’re not right for the job; you don’t have the skills; somebody else would do far better, and that you’re terrible at this? In Episode 66, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar interviews speaker, author and, creativity evangelist, Denise R. Jacobs.  Denise sheds […]

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Episode 64: The Tiny Home Revolution

More than a fad, tiny homes are the perfect housing solutions for people looking to downsize and live a simpler, more eco-friendly life. In Episode 64, NAPO Stand Out Podcast Host, Clare Kumar speaks with interior design and space efficiency specialist, Tricia Sinon Murray about tiny homes. Not only is she an expert on the […]

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Episode 63: Highlighting Diversity in Small Business

Being an industry leader means tackling current events and embracing inclusivity and diversity within our profession. But it’s difficult to know what this means and what change should look like. To answer these questions, we’ve brought in three movers and shakers for a discussion on diversity. In episode 63 of the NAPO Stand Out Podcast, […]

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Episode 62: Working on Your Business Productivity

Episode 62 with Nathan Austin “Working on Your Business Productivity “ As organizers and productivity specialists, it can be hard to admit when we need help because our job is centered around serving others. However, it’s vital to get advice, particularly from outside the industry. In episode 62 of the NAPO Standout Podcast, we are […]

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