Episode 43: The Senior Niche with Jocelyn Kenner

Episode 43 of the NAPO Stand Out Podcast features Jocelyn Kenner, NAPO Member since 2007 who discusses her experience working with seniors and downsizing. While Jocelyn may have accidentally fallen into working with seniors if you intend on making that your niche, it is a burgeoning market that has a lot of room for growth. […]

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Episode 42: Why Social Media Is A Non-Negotiable for Organizers

We are extremely fortunate to be joined by the charismatic James Lott, Jr. on Episode 42 of the NAPO Podcast, Stand Out! He is a television and radio show host, podcaster, author, actor, life coach and organizer who tells us just how important social media is for anyone who is in the organizing space. Regardless […]

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Episode 41: How to Prepare for a Disaster

On episode 41 of ‘Stand Out’ we have a super important conversation with Lisa Witzleben, NAPO Member since 2016, who is one of few professional organizers out of Alaska. Lisa owns and operates Unclutter Me and specializes in disaster preparedness. In seven basic steps, she breaks down what we can do to be 100% prepared […]

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Episode 40: Core Values by Which to Live and Breathe

On this episode of the NAPO Stand Out podcast, you will hear from a truly exceptional woman. Jaime Taets is the CEO of Keystone Group International, an organization that is focused on helping other businesses, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs get the most out of their sales and improve their client retention. After 13 years in the […]

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Episode 39: Leaning into Life Mindfully

On episode 39 of NAPO’s ‘Stand Out’ Podcast, we are joined by Theresa Rose for an engaging conversation on mindfulness practice both professionally and personally. Theresa wears many hats and is a recognized business motivational speaker, content coach, standup comedian and author of several books, such as Your Daily Dose of Mojo, 365 Days of […]

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Episode 38: Finding Your Niche in Technology and Digital Organizing

Episode 38 of Stand Out features NAPO Member since 2011, Jennifer Stewart. Jennifer has been empowering her clients to understand their computers and technology tools since 2011. Jennifer is the immediate past president of the St. Louis Chapter of NAPO, past speaker at NAPO conferences and a co-leader for the NAPO technology Special Interest Group […]

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Episode 35: Living Intentionally: Debunking the Myths of Minimalism

Aimee Olson

On Episode 35 of the Stand Out Podcast Series “Living Intentionally: Debunking the Myths of Minimalism” Professional Productivity and Organizing Coach, Aimee Olson, NAPO Member since 2015,  joins us to discuss Minimalism and the myths of living intentionally. Despite being organized from a young age, Aimee found herself drained and tired from her career, which […]

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